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Bio-Energising D-Tox Spa System​ is an effective treatment for individuals suffering from psoriasis, eczema, leg oedema, and hyper-hydrosis. The Bio-Energising D-Tox Spa System increases feelings of well being that enhance your life. Stress and diet increase toxins into your body that cause an electrical imbalance in your cells.

The Bio-Energising D-Tox Spa System starts the process for your body's bio-energy to effectively re-balance and re-hydrate your cell's equilibrium of positive and negative ions. 

Bio-Energising D-Tox Spa System is a foot bath that uses "a flow of electrons and bio-energetic field", to provide you with a wide range of benefits in a 30 minute treatment. Bio-Energising D-Tox Spa System​ removes unwanted toxins. Your feet contain over 2000 pores, which makes them an ideal exit point for built-up toxins within your body.​

Bio-Energising D-Tox Spa System​

Your feet soak in a large bowl filled with warm salt water. After Placing your feet into the water, the Bio-Energiser then creates "a flow of electrons and bio-energetic field", which rebalances your "body's bio-energy". 
During your 30 minute treatment session, the water contained in the D-Tox Spa bowl will gradually turn and may foam a little. These are the toxins that are exiting your body. For best results it is recommended that you schedule a series of treatments.

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